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Maternity Hospital in Bangalore

Obstetric care at Sanjeevini Hospital, the multispeciality hospital in Bangalore of national and international repute has been of the highest standards. Led by a well-known and the best obstetrician in Bangalore, the hospital adopts an unbiased treatment approach whether the patient comes in from an economically rich or poor background.

This approach has transformed Sanjeevini Hospital to be recognised as the best hospital in Bangalore for multiple healthcare services including maternity service.

Facilities at Sanjeevini Hospital:

At Sanjeevini Hospital, the best children’s hospital in Bangalore, we are well-equipped with all the required facilities to ensure that both the mother and child are healthy and happy.

  • Obstetrics ICU:
    • This high-risk maternity unit has four intensive care units to treat the seriously ill.
    • Two isolation rooms for treating mothers with infections.
  • NICU:
    • The hospital has a Level III NICU for very small premature babies and sick newborns who need support and intervention.

All our facilities are headed by some of the best obstetricians and gynaecologists in Bangalore. 

Our Services:

As thebest maternity hospital in Bangalore it is a no compromise approach when it comes to ensuring a safe and high-quality maternity service to both the mother and the child, right through their stay with us at the hospital.

Our Services Include:

  • Pregnancy Clinic
  • High-Risk OP
  • Obstetric Medicine

Sanjeevini Hospital, a torchbearer in India’s medical sector, cares for pregnant women with medical disabilities so that morbidity and mortality in India are consistent with Western countries.

We aim to provide complete support, useful advice and authentic information required for a mother and her child and evaluate this exciting experience from early pregnancy to childbirth and beyond.