Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism?
Better healthcare at a lesser cost in a relaxing ambience is the ultimate motto of medical tourism. Access to better healthcare solutions at a much affordable cost beyond the boundary of the home country, which is further blended wonderfully with an attractive vacationing option, has given rise to a unique tourism concept known as medical tourism. With the entire world turning into a global village, people today have the opportunity to look for better beyond-the-border medical treatment options along with a relaxing vacation. As per WHO, medical tourism is a special niche tourism where an individual opts to visit health resorts or spas, more often by crossing the home soil border for a complete physical and mental wellbeing through physical exercises, dietary and lifestyle modifications and therapies.  
Scope of Medical Tourism in India
India, with a huge expertise in internationally accredited medical specialists and supportive caring staff, provides the best standards in a wide range of critical and high-precision treatments; and, thus, stands as the prime medical tourism destination that attracts a large number of foreign healthcare seekers. India’s medical tourism infrastructure offers both tangible and intangible benefits where the healthcare seekers get the best support in medical and surgical procedures from the dedicated medical specialists and supportive staff along with the compassionate care and other services helping them to get the best deal. India’s visa regulations are not stringent, which further allow citizens from other countries to access the desired treatment comfortably. Lower manpower cost makes India further attractive where the cost of treatment gets substantially reduced compared to those available in developed nations. Lastly, India’s rich tradition in alternative treatments has widened the scope of medical tourism as people from western nation are well convinced about the long term benefits of these treatments.  
Sanjeevini Hospital Proudly Offers
We, at Sanjeevini Hospital, take pride in offering a wide range of world-class healthcare services supporting medical tourists from any corner of the globe. We provide all-inclusive affordable customized service packages as per the tourist's requirement, and ensure they get the best treatment and care from start to end, and step out of our specialty center in the best frame of mind and health.  
Visa Arrangement
We take the entire responsibility in guiding you through the entire Visa issuance formalities starting from the filling of the request form till you get the travel Visa in your hand. We have created a special wing for dealing with Visa formalities and our concerned staff are available round-the-clock to assist you in every step.  
Airport Pick & Drop Facility
Our special airport pick-and-drop facility will make you feel at home as soon as you land in India. We keep our clients intimated beforehand about our schedule by providing the necessary contact details of the vehicle and the pilot. We maintain a special troop of vehicles including luxury SUVs to provide the desired comfort to our guests on arrival.  
You get the meaning of home comfort in the trust sense while staying in Sanjeevini. Catering to the wants and needs of the various customers stepping here from different corners of the globe, our superb accommodation facilities will satisfy everybody's pockets. To cater to the higher range of taste and luxury, our access to specially designed deluxe rooms and suites will provide you with the ultimate ambiance.  
Located in Bangalore, a prime city and industrial hub of India, Sanjeevini helps you in accessing the best relaxing site-seeing opportunities in and around the city. Attractive parks, nearby hill stations, and not-too-far-off beaches will offer you splendid relaxing activities aiding in your quick recovery.