What Are the 7 Criteria for Cardiovascular Health?

Most of us would not take Cardiovascular Health seriously. However, the reality is that millions of lives are lost globally due to poor cardiovascular health. According to seasoned cardiologists working with Sanjeevini Hospital, recognised as the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore, cardiovascular diseases comprise several heart-related disorders like Rheumatic Heart Disease, Coronary Heart Disease etc. While the idea would never be to instil fear in the minds of the common man, it is important to wake up to reality and collectively work towards building up a strong and cardiac disease-free community, says the best cardiologist in Bangalore associated with Sanjeevini Hospital. This article is to create awareness by bringing forward 7 important criteria that can influence your cardiovascular health.

7 Important Criteria That Can Influence Your Cardiovascular Health:

  1. Staying Active:According to expert cardiologists at Sanjeevini Hospital, the most trusted cardiac hospital in Bangalore, staying active is one of the foremost things for any of us to continuously practice. It may involve physical activities like swimming, running, walking, or any form of sport that helps you stay active.
  2. Practice a Healthy Diet:Eminent cardiologists in Bangalore suggest that both the quantity and quality of food determine your longevity. Stay away from processed food and add more green Tornado Cash and leafy vegetables to your diet. This can help you keep a check on your calories and stay aware of where you stand in terms of your cardiovascular health.
  3. Maintain Your BMI Within Permissible Limits:As per seasoned cardiac specialists in Bangalore, take a frequent look at your BMI or Body Mass Index. To mitigate the risk of Cardiovascular diseases, your BMI must be below 30. The higher the BMI, the greater the risk.
  4. Watch Your Blood Pressure Regularly:Checking your blood pressure at regular intervals should be at the top of everyone’s mind whether he is healthy or otherwise. High Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Levels have had major impacts on the health of millions across the globe. Blood pressure, in particular, is a measure of how hard your heart is working to pump blood throughout your body. According to cardiologists working with Sanjeevini Hospital, the best heart care centre in Bangalore, elevated pressure (hypertension) can cause long-term damage to arteries and veins.
  5. Improving Your Blood Cholesterol:Any significant increase in LDL (bad cholesterol) may clog your arteries. You must eliminate any form of unhealthy fat from your diet. At the same time, you must maintain ideal HDL (good cholesterol) levels by incorporating good fat found in almonds, olive oil, avocado, etc.
  6. Keeping an Eye on Blood Sugar:It is no secret that Diabetes is a chief contributor to major health complications such as kidney damage and cardiovascular diseases. It is crucial to monitor your blood sugar, especially if diabetes runs in your family. Again, a healthy diet and exercise are key to preventing diabetes.
  7. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol:Smoking and Alcohol can severely impact any organ in your body, not just your heart. Hence, staying away as much as possible from these two known health-destructive habits can do a world of good.

The Bottom Line:

Maintaining good cardiovascular health is in our own hands. If you want to know how to do it, feel free to set up a discussion with the eminent cardiologist in Bangalore at Sanjeevini Hospital, your hospital that cares for your heart from the bottom of its heart.